The Hope for Care in Our Society

We are faced with a significant amount of need for care in our families futures. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how we will manage. As a member of the “sandwich” generation, I am looking towards a future where I will have to find the resources to not only care for my children but for my parents at the same time. Thankfully, I am a nurse and the Director of the Home Care Services team at Mary’s Woods so I have a small chance of finding a way to make it work. I’m also immersed in a culture where we are always looking for better ways to care for our elders. But what about all of the other families? What about the other parents and children who will be blindsided by the fact that their parents will need care right around the time their kids do? How will they pay for it? What if they too are caregivers in their occupations? Are they making the cost of living that would support this scenario?

There is some hope. People are starting to see their future. And change is hopefully on the horizon thanks to advocates such as Ai-Jen Poo, author of The Age of Dignity and founder of Caring Across Generations Ai-Jen is finding new ways to help our elders and disabled age with dignity. She is featured in the ‘Care’ Documentary that we are screening at Mary’s Woods Auditorium on September 18th, 2017 at 2:00 Pm.

Join us for the screening and help us help each other.

2017 Home Care Services Health and Wellness Fair recap

The 6th Annual Health and Wellness fair came and went, and was a tremendous success! The Home Care team partnered with 35 vendors for this event and welcomed over 175 patrons! Vendor participation offered the largest variety of services since it’s inception. We enjoyed visiting with long-time partners like Providence, Infinity Rehab, and Metro West who have strong relationships with residents and staff throughout the Mary’s Woods community.

We welcomed some new faces to the fair, such as Amazon Bookstore and Oasis Senior Advisors. Each vendor brought amazing raffle prizes and remarkable innovation. The Amazon bookstore showcased the capabilities of the Alexa Echo and Alexa Dot for assisting seniors with low vision, memory, life enrichment and typical activities of daily living (grocery and reminder lists). Eventually, the name “Alexa” ‘echoed’ throughout the fair.

The treats at the fair were delightful as well. Metro West Ambulance brought and baked cookies at their table (as usual), Mary’s Woods own Sous Chefs promoted health and wellness by providing yummy Crudite’ and the Pastoral Services and Wellness team provided massages, acupuncture, and spiritual wellness options.

All in all, the fair was healthy and well for everyone who attended. There was energy, light, laughter, music, budding friendships, innovation, education and most of all- FUN!
Many thanks to all of our partners who made this event the best one yet!

Special Thanks to our lovely vendors:

Infinity Rehab, Lake Oswego Adult Community Center, POLST, West Linn Dental, Metro West, Senior Real Estate, Oasis Senior Advisors, Care Partners Hospice and Palliative Care, Prime Dental, Connected Home Health and Hospice, Soft Landings, JaFRA, Columbia Medical Alarm, Real to Reel, Friendly Move Management, Alzheimer’s Association, Providence, Connect Hearing, Hearing Rehab Center, various Mary’s Woods departments, Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care, Always at Home, Threadgill’s Memorial, Amazon Bookstore, Lake Grove ENT and Hearing USA.

Article Provided by Megan Thompson, Director of Home Care and Clinic Services

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