Home Care Services by Mary’s Woods has had the opportunity to host a Health and Wellness fair since 2012 which at that time showcased services offered to residents on campus. In 2015 the Home Care Services team, opened the vendor list to outside providers within the Mary’s Woods Community as well as opened it up for community residents in the surrounding area to attend. This year we are honored to not only host our 6th Annual fair, but will have the opportunity to showcase our New website as well as celebrate our expansion off campus. Home Care Services by Mary’s Woods strive to provide transparent information regarding changes within healthcare and has surpassed market standards in being innovative and open to helping the surrounding community members with taking the Mary’s Woods spirit of service off campus.

Please take the time to Join us April 28th in the Mary’s Woods Auditorium to participate in a fun event that will not only be educational but rewarding in your continued journey to great health.

Remember this is a free community event with raffle prizes!!

Health & Wellness Fair

2017 Health and Wellness Fair Registration Information

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