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Home Care Growth in America

As a Mission Driven, non-profit In-Home Care Agency, Mary’s Woods Home Care Services are consistently keeping their finger on the pulse of news about how to help people age in place. We pay close attention to how the rest of the country delivers services to seniors. With the rapidly growing senior population and the constant effort to find and keep stellar workers in the Home Care field, we feel it is imperative that we gather and share as much information as possible. It takes a village to care for each other and we are always looking for innovative ways to provide the very best care and share that knowledge with others.

NPR aired a segment last week on Think Out Loud highlighting a new documentary, ‘Care’, which illustrates the growth of the In-Home Care industry in America. The discussion about the documentary included Cheryl Miller from the Oregon Home Care Commission, Home Care Worker Joy’e Willman and the producer of the documentary, Tony Heriza.

The segment covers many facets of In-Home Care and gives insight to the challenges clients, families, caregivers and agencies face.

Mary’s Woods Home Care Services will be hosting a screening of the documentary in mid-September on the Mary’s Woods Campus. Call or email for details.

Enjoy the Think Out Loud episode by clicking on the link below:


A Partnership of Compassion

A Partnership of Compassion
Partnership with Northwest Housing Alternatives confronts the ills of loneliness while providing the most basic services required to age with dignity

Loneliness often leads to social isolation, a situation that, if not addressed in time, can have an adverse impact on the health and well-being of Oregonians in our community. The condition often leads to increased mortality in older adults, as well as increased diagnoses of Alzheimer’s disease.

Aggravating this situation, many low-income seniors, themselves at risk for social isolation, do not possess the most basic resources necessary to find the help they need to age with dignity. This is the problem that Mary’s Woods is striving to eradicate.

Now, thanks to a partnership between Northwest Housing Alternatives (NHA), a nonprofit organization which provides affordable housing options for low-income seniors, and Mary’s Woods Home Care Services, a provider of services to help adults age in the comfort of their homes, these local at-risk seniors are finally being cared for.

“The partnership takes a distinctive approach to helping low-income senior residents age with dignity in their homes,” said Megan Thompson, MW Director of Home Care Services. “While NHA provides a modest home, our Home Care Services program offers a subsidized array of services meant to enrich their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.”

Since early 2016, when the partnership began, some of the services Mary’s Woods Home Care provides include housekeeping, personal care (bathing), cooking, nursing, and assistance with medication. The Home Care team also organizes various life enrichment activities, ranging from emergency preparedness seminars to healthy cooking demonstrations, and other resources available such as Home Health options.

Mary’s Woods Home Care currently works with 8 senior properties and their residents living in the NHA community. Many of these individuals get by on as little as $7,000 a year. This partnership assists with attaining a decent quality of life which would otherwise be a constant struggle, if not an impossible task.

“We hope to improve their quality of life, and enable these residents to be happier and healthier so they can retain their independent housing,” added Megan. “By providing education, resources, and the most basic of human services, we also hope to reduce the number of emergency and hospital visits, reduce depression through engagement and socialization, decrease malnutrition and falls”.

The program falls in line with Mary’s Woods’ mission to ensure the dignity, independence, well-being, and security of older persons through the provision of a range of service and educational options.

Learn more about Mary’s Woods Home Care Services at homecare.maryswoods.org

Home Care Services 6th Annual Health & Wellness Fair

Home Care Services by Mary’s Woods has had the opportunity to host a Health and Wellness fair since 2012 which at that time showcased services offered to residents on campus. In 2015 the Home Care Services team, opened the vendor list to outside providers within the Mary’s Woods Community as well as opened it up for community residents in the surrounding area to attend. This year we are honored to not only host our 6th Annual fair, but will have the opportunity to showcase our New website as well as celebrate our expansion off campus. Home Care Services by Mary’s Woods strive to provide transparent information regarding changes within healthcare and has surpassed market standards in being innovative and open to helping the surrounding community members with taking the Mary’s Woods spirit of service off campus.

Please take the time to Join us April 28th in the Mary’s Woods Auditorium to participate in a fun event that will not only be educational but rewarding in your continued journey to great health.

Remember this is a free community event with raffle prizes!!

Health & Wellness Fair

2017 Health and Wellness Fair Registration Information

The Difference between In-Home Care and Home Health

There are many people who don’t know the difference between Home Health and In-Home care. In reality, there are many differences. Home Health is specifically designed to assist patients that are ill with a chronic condition like heart failure, recovery from a surgery or another acute health condition. Home health allows patients to discharge earlier from the hospital, assists with faster recovery and reduces hospital admissions. Home Health consists of physicians, nurses, home health aides, certified nursing assistants, physical, speech and occupational therapists. They provide a variety of services from catheter care, injections, IV transfusions, tracheotomy care, post-op rehab, diabetes management, etc.  Home health visits are typically scheduled a few times a week with different disciplines of the Home Health Team.  Home health is billed to Medicare or other insurance.

In home care, is a form of care that allows people to age in place at home by offering a variety of services including homemaker and custodial services, companionship, transportation to appointments, bathing and grooming and in some cases (if the in home care agency is licensed at the comprehensive level) provide medication management under the delegation of a RN.  In home care agencies typically employ registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, caregivers and care managers. This type of service helps prevent negative outcomes for people by reducing the likelihood of falls, malnutrition, and may enable them to stay in their home versus moving to a higher level of care.  In-Home Care visits are one to one care that can fulfill up to 24 hours of service per day depending on client needs/requests. In Home Care is almost always private pay, however, for qualified individuals they may be able to bill to insurance.

Home Health Care and In Home Care can work with a patient/client as separate entities or together in collaboration that meets each patient’s individual needs. Even though they provide different services they serve the same goal of meeting you where you are, at home.


Article Provided by Megan Thompson, Director of Home Care Services

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