A Partnership of Compassion
Partnership with Northwest Housing Alternatives confronts the ills of loneliness while providing the most basic services required to age with dignity

Loneliness often leads to social isolation, a situation that, if not addressed in time, can have an adverse impact on the health and well-being of Oregonians in our community. The condition often leads to increased mortality in older adults, as well as increased diagnoses of Alzheimer’s disease.

Aggravating this situation, many low-income seniors, themselves at risk for social isolation, do not possess the most basic resources necessary to find the help they need to age with dignity. This is the problem that Mary’s Woods is striving to eradicate.

Now, thanks to a partnership between Northwest Housing Alternatives (NHA), a nonprofit organization which provides affordable housing options for low-income seniors, and Mary’s Woods Home Care Services, a provider of services to help adults age in the comfort of their homes, these local at-risk seniors are finally being cared for.

“The partnership takes a distinctive approach to helping low-income senior residents age with dignity in their homes,” said Megan Thompson, MW Director of Home Care Services. “While NHA provides a modest home, our Home Care Services program offers a subsidized array of services meant to enrich their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.”

Since early 2016, when the partnership began, some of the services Mary’s Woods Home Care provides include housekeeping, personal care (bathing), cooking, nursing, and assistance with medication. The Home Care team also organizes various life enrichment activities, ranging from emergency preparedness seminars to healthy cooking demonstrations, and other resources available such as Home Health options.

Mary’s Woods Home Care currently works with 8 senior properties and their residents living in the NHA community. Many of these individuals get by on as little as $7,000 a year. This partnership assists with attaining a decent quality of life which would otherwise be a constant struggle, if not an impossible task.

“We hope to improve their quality of life, and enable these residents to be happier and healthier so they can retain their independent housing,” added Megan. “By providing education, resources, and the most basic of human services, we also hope to reduce the number of emergency and hospital visits, reduce depression through engagement and socialization, decrease malnutrition and falls”.

The program falls in line with Mary’s Woods’ mission to ensure the dignity, independence, well-being, and security of older persons through the provision of a range of service and educational options.

Learn more about Mary’s Woods Home Care Services at homecare.maryswoods.org

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